2. What kinds of companies find Factoring useful ?

Factoring is necessary where there is an unbalance between a company's trade credit policy (payment terms and conditions granted to customers purchasing the company's products/services; funds used to financially "support" deferment of payment; forms of settlement; control of the relationship; credit collection and recovery procedures) and the resources the company can offer on its own.

Potential demand therefore exists among companies that have a "need for Factoring" for management reasons (credit administration, control, collection and insurance) and financial reasons (assessment of clientele, integration of traditional lines of credit thanks to earlier unfreezing of credits).

On the Italian market, Factoring is currently implemented in a wide range of market sectors by enterprises of all sizes.

According to a survey of demand for Factoring on the part of Italian enterprises, the "youngest" companies, fast-growing companies, companies whose business is highly seasonal, and all companies in which management of working capital is of strategic importance tend to make greater use of Factoring.

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