5. How common is Factoring in the world of business ?

In actual fact most businesses are not very familiar with what Factoring is all about. This is a result of insufficient knowledge of the world of finance and inadequate information provided by banks and Factoring companies.

Factoring is an established tool in the economic and financial system today, and has been taking place in Italy for more than thirty years, involving tens of thousands of companies.

Generally speaking, companies that have more consolidated experience of recourse to Factoring better appreciate its benefits and specific features, and make proper use of it, as demonstrated by their methodologically correct and on the whole more favourable opinion of its benefits. Companies which are not very familiar with Factoring and use it only rarely (or incorrectly) are often victims of the clichés we have been attempting to expose here, expressing uninformed opinions which are not always appropriate to the actual situation of the Factoring market, and rarely take advantage of the opportunities that use of Factoring services can offer.

The majority of the companies using Factoring services surveyed about demand for Factoring in Italy consider it useful to continue the Factoring relationship in the future and predict that use of the tool will grow in their sectors of the market.

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