Maturity Factoring

Who is it for

Medium and Large-sized companies which:

  • have a good structure and a consolidated knowledge of their clients;

  • need to optimize and regulate financial flows and/ or reduce commercial risks.


For the Transferor:

  • optimization of financial flows and of treasury management

For the Debtor:

  • possibility of aligning its own incoming cash flows with payments, using deferment of payment as a flexible tool for the required amount of time and thereby integrating and expanding on the amount of lines of credit destined for this purpose by simple operating methods


UBI Factor can ensure the collection of your receivables on a specific and prearranged date, thus allowing optimal treasury and cash-flow management.

Maturity Factoring is an accessory service in addition to conventional Factoring With Recourse and Factoring Without Recourse. This tool allows the Factor to provide the transferor with a guarantee that the transferred credit will be paid by a certain date, while at the same time offering the transferred debtor the possibility of obtaining further deferment of payment of the original credit, bearing the financial cost.

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