Factoring Without Recourse

Who is it for

Companies which:

  • want a guarantee against the risk of clients' insolvency;
  • are beginning to expand in new markets;
  • shave limited margins and need certainty in receivable collection;
  • want to improve balance-sheet ratios



  • Shift of the financial risk from the Transferor to the Factor

  •  Improvement of the risk profile of one’s own working capital

  • Outsourced management of your credits with the conversion of credit management and collection expenses from fixed into variable costs

  • Greater protection from credit risk when expanding clientele or entering new markets in Italy or abroad

  • Possibility of using a particular payment tool as an alternative to more costly forms of payment (letters of credit or issuing of bank guarantees), offering more alternatives when conducting business negotiations with customers and suppliers.



Factoring Without Recourse is the most common type of factoring operation in Italy and on the world’s most advanced financial markets.

It offers high value added for the transferor in that it combines conventional credit management, collection and financing services with the Factor’s coverage of insolvency risk, in fact and in law, for transferred credits which are not disputed, up to a certain ceiling specified in the factoring agreement.

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