Benefits and Costs

  • making the most of the quality of one's credit portfolio to obtain lines of credit which are flexible in terms of both amount and average term of the credits financed, offering greater potential for growth than the company's own resources or bank loans would permit

  • greater control over the quality of trade credit, guaranteed by the management methods used and by the availability of insurance services

  • flanking and/or replacing the company's own organisation for collection of credits with a specialised organisation to rationalise business costs

  • obtaining protection of credit risk for the company's own clientele, with the aim of reinforcing the quality of current assets and supporting particular stages in corporate life such as penetration of little-known new markets

  • obtaining a competitive edge in relations with customers and suppliers which is more than proportionate to the cost of the service

The management tasks performed and flexibility in operations represent the true added value of the Factoring service over other similar products offered by financial intermediaries in the banking sector.

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